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Technical Standards 5716-003-87796306-2012


Biosilica is an active mineral (pozzolanic) additive for the dry building mixes, mortars and cement. Biosilica is amorphous silica of biogenic origin resulted in combined activation of the natural diatomite.


It is used for enhancing durability and life of the products, decreasing shrinkage and producing the goods of high resistance against different kinds of corrosion.

Mode of action

It contains active silica that can interact with Ca(OH)2 at room temperature. Amorphous silica modifies lime into low-basic calcium silicate hydrate. Durability is enhanced and capillary porosity is decreased because capillary reaction products make the structure thicker.


Natural origin and tailor-made technology provide fixed physicochemical properties and high additive activity that is 1,5 times than microsilica.

Technical data

No Characteristic Characteristic
1 SiO2, % 90,0
2 Sieve residue 45 µm, % 5,0
3 Bulk density, кg/m3 280,0
4 Pozzolanic activity, % 114,0

Packing: 270 kg per a big bag.

Basic parameters:

  • fixed physicochemical properties
  • high activity
  • sustainability
  • resistance to chemical attack
  • light dispersability

Scope of use:

  • dry building mixes production
  • foam concrete of low density
  • cement production
  • floor building in the sector of industry
  • waterproof compounds
  • weather-proof bonding plaster and filling colour
  • silica-lime binder production
  • magnesian binder production
  • gypsum-cement-puzzolan binder

Biosilica fit all the organic and mineral additives.

Packing: 270 kg per a big bag.