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Diatomite powder «ZABA»
Technical Standards 5716-001-87796306-2011


Diatomite powder is a filler obtained by a result of a special diatomite processing


It is used as rheological and water-retaining admixtures in the dry building mixes, mortars and cement that ensure uniformity of mixes, high consumer-oriented and technical properties, material fixation on the surface (the thixotropic effect), adhesion bond strength, prevent from caking and efflorescences, firm up the material structure, enhance durability.

Technical data

No Characteristic Value
1 SiO2, % 85,0
2 Sieve residue 45 µm, % 5,0
3 Bulk density, кg/m3 400,0
4 Porosity, % 70,0
5 Specific surface, m2/g 25,0
6 Hydraulicity, mg/g 250,0

Proportion: 3–5% от cement bulk.

Basic parameters:

  • High SiO2 content
  • High hydraulic activity
  • High porosity and specific surface
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • caking and light dispersability

Field of application in the building industry:

  • dry building mixes production
  • lightened cement production
  • mortar and foam concrete production
  • silica-lime binder production
  • Pypsum-cement-puzzolan binder
  • magnesian binder production


1) 350 кg per a big bag; 2) 15 kg per a paper bag